9 x 12 Antique Chinese Nichols Wool Area Rug

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This is an incredible art deco area rug. Chinese Art Deco rugs were made from between the 1910’s until the 1940’s.  The more vibrant and bold designs in these rugs was more seen after the 1920’s where there was more vibrant colors and  designs with larger open areas and open fields.

This is an incredible area rug. Nichols area rugs are classic area rugs, this one being from the 1920’s. Nichols rugs are known for their thick and soft pile and beautiful designs. This area rug being in a beautiful green color field, with amazing flowers and leaves and tree designs. This is a beautiful and amazing rug.

Measuring 8′ 11″ by 11″ 5″, this Nichols area rug is a beautiful area rug and makes any room greater.


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