Chicago Rug Storage and Rug Consignment

Do you need to store your rug for a long period of time? If you lack the floor space for a beloved rug, Mathew Klujian and Sons can help. In addition to selling and restoring rugs, we also offer rug storage in Chicago. If you intend to store your rugs for any length of time, it’s smart to work with a rug storage professional. Bring your rugs in to our team and we can clean and moth-proof them, thus eliminating potential problems from the ravages of moths. It may seem like a minor concern, but rugs in storage will tend to have a moth type of problem more so than rugs that are in daily use, so moth-proofing is a wise investment before storing. It’s also possible to parlay our rug storage services into rug consignment.


If you’re looking to get rid of a rug altogether, we also offer consignment services for oriental rugs. If you no longer need your oriental rug, we may be able to sell it in our showroom. Instead of dealing with the potentially time-consuming tasks of finding a rug buyer and negotiating an agreeable price, let us do the work. We have a professional rug sales team that is able to appraise the value of the rug and get you a fair selling price. Rug consignment is a great option if you no longer need a rug in your home.


Whether you want to store your rug or are in need of rug consignment services, contact the rug professionals at Mathew Klujian and Sons to get the help you need.


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