Repairs and Restoration

Mathew Klujian and Sons is not only one of Chicago’s top rug and carpet dealers, but we also offer carpet repair, carpet restoration and numerous other specialty services. Our team of carpet experts knows the ins and outs of what it takes to keep rugs in great shape over years of wear. Before you assume that your carpet needs to be replaced altogether, consult Mathew Klujian and Sons to see if there is another way to go. Sometimes it’s possible to save a carpet or rug from replacement if you enlist the help of knowledgeable professionals. Our Chicago rug repair and restoration department can repair or reweave damaged spots, correct color and replace fringe. We have on staff quality artisan’s who can reweave and color match yarns in repairing your rugs. Our carpet repair pros have years of experience and their results are sure to impress you.


The most common repair is to fix or replace fringe on the end of a rug which was eaten primarily by your vacuum cleaner. The sides of the rug may also need new surging on hand whipping of yarns in restoring the rug. Fixing the exterior edges of the rug will ensure that the center woven part will be protected and supply many additional years of service. So while it’s a repair, it also acts as a preemptive measure in keeping your rug in great condition. If you have a rug or carpeting in need of repair, call Mathew Klujian and Sons for a quote, or stop by to talk to our Chicago rug restoration professionals in person!


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