Mothproofing Carpets in Chicago

Mathew Klujian and Sons is proud to offer all services related to carpet in Chicago. From selling carpets and rugs, to restoration, cleaning and consignment, we help Chicago residents with all of their carpet needs. That even includes the concerns that escape most rug owner’s attention. One of our specialties that falls into this category is mothproofing. We moth proof carpets and rugs throughout Chicago.


It’s easy to overlook, but moths can pose a serious threat to the quality of your carpet. The tiny holes they chew in your carpet may go undetected at a casual glance, but have destructive effects over time. The damage weakens the fabric and makes it vulnerable to further damage from normal wear and tear, like feet walking over the carpet or furniture being moved on it. While mothproofing in general can help prevent damage to rugs, the work of a pro moth proofing company is especially recommended in certain cases.


We strongly encourage you to moth proof carpets that will be placed in darker rooms. This environment is more susceptible to damage as it is more alluring to moths. Any carpet or area rug that is going to be stored for any period of time should also be moth proofed and wrapped to prevent damage. If you need a professional moth proofing in Chicago, then Mathew Klujian and Sons can help. Our family-owned business has been helping Chicago with its carpet needs since 1938 and our mothproofing is second-to-none. Save your carpets from damage by contacting our moth proofers today!


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