Chicago Rug Padding

At Mathew Klujian and Sons, we take a particular pride in customer satisfaction with rugs and carpeting. Part of this obviously comes from customers liking the visual style and design of their rugs, but we go further. Beyond the look of a rug, we concern ourselves with the comfort and lifespan of our rugs sold in Chicago. A crucial component that makes a great rug even better is rug padding. Rug padding is an important underlay that can add years of enjoyment to your rug. With proper padding, a rug will feel even softer under your foot. A good rug pad can add a bit of cushion to each step, making the rug an even comfier addition to your living space. In addition to feeling better under foot, padding will help muffle sound and keep your rug better in place. This provides additional safety from slipping and falling, which may be an important consideration for some customers. Padding can also help limit wear and tear to your rug. A good rug can be expensive, and if you’re prepared to make such an investment you’d be wise to protect it with rug padding.


The Chicago rug padding professionals at Mathew Klujian and Sons custom fit different styles of pads to fit your rug. We’ve been helping Chicago customers get the perfect rugs for their floors since 1938. The years of experience garnered by our family-owned company will be passed on to you as customer satisfaction. Contact Mathew Klujian and Sons today to learn more about getting rug padding in Chicago.


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