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Oriental Rug, Tapestry & Area Rug Sales

Antique rugs are sometimes described as being the soul of a room. A rug, like art, can be a great investment – but you have to know what to look for. The expert staff at Mathew Klujian and Sons is here to help you figure out the best rug for your needs. We can teach you about design, superb fibers and knot uniformity which are desirable in the art of rug weaving. A working knowledge of these facets gives you a better sense of what you’re looking for with consideration to rug quality.

In our showroom you will find a great selection of new and antique oriental rugs Chicago residents love. Whether you’re an experienced collector or a novice just looking to add some aesthetic pleasure to your room, Klujian can help. These gorgeous rugs make an excellent addition to any home and serve as a reflection of your style and taste. Our rug specialists have years of experience helping customers make the perfect choice.

For those of you who love antique rugs but find them out of your budget, check out our line of vegetable dyed, antique wash reproductions. These rugs have become the latest craze and will satisfy those with discerning taste, without hurting your bank account. We also carry novelty rugs in many designs, color schemes and textures which compliment a variety of interior design trends.

Our love of rugs is second-to-none, so visit Mathew Klujian and Sons’ Chicago rug showroom to find the perfect fit for your floor.