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Chicago Shag Rug Sales

Chicago carpet has seen a resurgence in shag area rugs. One of the most recent trends sweeping the world of interior home decorations is the shag look. Shag rugs have a touch, look and a unique feel that clearly separates it from other types of area rugs. Perhaps the shag look may be back this time for good, who really knows. Many people enjoy a natural shag carpet because they are soft stepping under the foot, they tend to shed lightly and they are relatively easy to maintain and clean. Plus, they will look great in most homes, regardless of whether or not your home has any vintage furniture inside of it. The versatility of shag rugs make it a great choice for homeowners.

The shag rugs of the past required a carpet rake and a vacuum cleaner to keep it looking nice. That sort of upkeep led to the carpet style’s fall in popularity. But the shag carpeting of today is thicker, denser, and more plush and luxurious than its predecessor. Most of the Chicago shag rug and carpeting is made from synthetic or wool yarns. Put some newspaper or post it notes on your floor and shift it around to determine the size you want. Once you find the size, bring in your measurements so we at Mathew Klujian and Sons can make you the shag rug of your dreams.

Our Chicago shag rug specialists have the experience and knowledge to give you your perfect rug. Visit our showroom today to learn more!