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Chicago Persian Rug Sales

If you want a beautiful, quality rug for your home, then you owe it to yourself to check out the Persian rugs in Mathew Klujian and Sons’ Chicago rug showroom. We offer a variety of styles to match your home’s décor. We’ve got Persian rugs that suit a long hallway or larger Persian rugs to help brighten a larger living space. Our Persian rugs are made of high-quality materials to reflect your taste and standards. While oriental rugs are fairly common, Persian rugs offer a slightly different style that can make for a pleasant surprise to your home design.

Persian style rugs are named after the small cottage villages that these designs originated from in Iran. Henceforth, when you look at a map of Iran and see the names of the villages, you will see the names of styles of rugs that have been passed down from one generation to the next. That rich history is reflected in the intricate, hand-crafted designs for which these rugs are cherished. Iran exports carpets to more than 100 countries, as hand-woven rugs are one of its main non-oil export items. The international popularity of these rugs speaks to their beauty and elegance.

Bring such beauty and elegance into your own home by buying a Persian rug from Mathew Klujian and Sons. Our family owned and operated business has been selling quality rugs in Chicago for decades. Visit our showroom today to see for yourself our amazing selection of rugs and let our specialists help you find your dream rug.