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Chicago Flat Weave Rugs

Are you looking for a new rug for your home or building? The simple answer may be yes, but things get more complicated when you start to narrow down which kind of rug you want. Most people can picture the difference between common rug types like oriental or shag, but there is a wide variety of more specific rug types that might be the perfect fit for your needs. Flat weave rugs, with which some may be familiar, are another style of rug that have a lot of appeal.

This style of rug was popularized by nomads who were constantly on the go and needed lighter but very durable rugs for their travels. Durries and Kilms – which are flat weaves and light weight – satisfied their needs. What started as a practical need extended into a lasting style. This beloved rug style is generally tribal in nature with bolder colorways. It can add a unique energy to your room and enliven your surroundings.

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