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Shag Carpet for Sale in Chicago

Chicago carpet has seen a shag carpeting comeback in a big way. The classic shag look of past decades has become popular once again in the world of interior home décor. Shag carpeting has a unique soft feel that makes it all its own and sets it apart from other styles of carpet. It has a welcoming look and touch that no other type of carpeting features. People can be nostalgic for shag as it evokes images of a previous area, but it may be no passing fad this time around. Many people have come to appreciate the numerous positive qualities of shag carpeting, and enjoy the softness offered by a natural shag carpet with every footstep. Furthermore, modern shag carpeting is easy to maintain, shedding very lightly and remaining relatively easy to clean, even after years of wear. And it can’t be denied that shag carpeting often will look great in a person’s homes. Whether it’s accompanied by vintage furniture, or it stands alone as a nod to classic style, shag carpeting can add a comfortable feel to whatever room you like.

Mathew Klujian and Sons has an extensive selection of shag carpet for sale to match every kind of home design. Visit our Chicago carpet showroom to find the right shag carpeting for your home. We have solid color as well as patterned shag. Our carpet professionals will take the measurements of your room and install carpeting and padding to add amazing comfort to your living space. Contact us today to find out more!