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Chicago Saxony Carpet Sales

Are you looking for a way to change up your home’s interior design? Do you want to update the look and feel of your room without replacing everything? There’s a simple solution that can revitalize your room with just one change. A new carpet will make your living space feel brand new again. Mathew Klujian and Sons has helped Chicago residents re-carpet their homes since 1938. Let us help you get the look you want.

The number one selling carpeting in Chicago is a twisted Saxony carpet. There are several reasons why this style of carpeting has achieved great popularity in recent years. For starters, it has an attractive look. This is a cut pile carpet with the yarn tips sticking straight up but pointing in different directions. This creates a two toned look that helps to hide foot prints and vacuum lines. It has been heralded as trackless carpet, though I would put the emphasis on “less” as it will still show some tracking and vacuum marks.

Saxony carpet is not to be confused with a shaved velvet cut pile which is very formal look. The yarns are shaved several times to give a smooth solid rich color appearance. A velvet carpet will show every foot print and vacuum mark, while Saxony offers a bit more subtlety in its markings. If you want to find out more about buying Saxon carpet in Chicago, contact Mathew Klujian and Sons and we’ll be happy to help you find your perfect carpeting.