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Chicago Pattern Carpet Sales

Imagine completely changing the aesthetics of your room’s design with one simple change. A new carpet can do just that. Especially carpeting with an eye-catching pattern design. Chicago carpet that is patterned consists of a combination of loops and cut pile to make a pattern in the carpet. Although the carpet is made in one color, a two tone color is observed as the loops or sides of the carpet reflect more light and are consequently lighter. The cut tips of the yarn absorb more light and appear darker, hence the two tone look in a one color carpet.

Pattern is an important consideration when choosing a carpet and there are many reasons to give it special attention. Practically speaking, it can hide a multitude of spills, spots and wear. Even a subtle pattern, created by varying textures for example, will help to conceal blemishes. Pattern adds detail to a room, whether it’s geometric, floral or a simple check. It also brings character and complexity to the overall design. Some patterns complement certain furniture styles. Geometric patterns, for example, are often used in the Art Deco style. A formal, traditional room will have carpeting with a classic, decorative pattern. Patterned carpet is also very common in multiple colors and yarn types in Chicago commercial carpets. All of the major carpet mills are represented. Come to Mathew Klujian and Sons’ Chicago carpeting showroom and pick out a pattern design suitable for your needs. We not only sell but install pattern carpeting throughout Chicago. Revitalize the look of your home today with the help of Mathew Klujian and Sons!