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Chicago Berber Carpet Sales

Do you want new carpeting to revitalize rooms in your home? A classic option that might help the look of your home is Berber carpet. Berber carpeting is basically a loop carpet whose major benefit is that it is trackless and shows no footprint marks or vacuum marks. This makes maintaining it simple and lets you feel confident that your flooring will look nice and uniform. One of the questions we ask our customers at Mathew Klujian and Sons Chicago carpet store is if vacuum marks and footprints bother them. It isn’t unusual to be annoyed by those markings. Why not join the folks who’ve installed Berber carpeting in their homes to eliminate such little nuisances. There are a lot of benefits to choosing Berber carpet. This is more durable than basically any other carpet on the market. Berber fiber is tightly weaved together which makes food and dirt particles essentially sit on the top of the carpet; the particles cannot embed themselves deep in the Berber carpet as it does in other carpet which makes vacuuming up messes on Berber carpet much easier.

Berber carpeting can be random loops or textured with high and low loops. Some Berbers simulate sisal looks while others are commonly used as commercial carpeting in offices, hallways and on stairs. Why not experience these benefits for yourself? Come into Mathew Klujian and Sons Chicago carpet store to see a wide variety of color and style. We have our own installers and use nothing but the best padding for your carpeting project. Visit us today to enliven your interior design.