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Mathew Klujian & Sons has wall to wall carpeting to suit your home or office needs. We carry only quality brand names. Proper measurement, padding and installation is just as important as the quality of the carpeting you purchase. Our professional carpet installers can get all these things done right.


Chicago carpet has seen a resurgence in shag carpeting. One of the most recent trends sweeping the world of interior home decorations is the shag look. Shag carpeting has a touch, look and a unique feel that clearly separates it from other types of area rugs. Perhaps the shag look may be back this time for good, who really knows. Many people enjoy a natural shag carpet because they are soft stepping under the foot, they tend to shed lightly and they are relatively easy to maintain, and to clean. Plus, they will look great in most homes, regardless of whether or not your Chicago carpet in your home has any other vintage furniture inside of it. Almost everyone who had shag in their homes also had to use a carpet rake and a vacuum cleaner to keep it looking nice.

The shag carpeting of today is thicker, denser, and more plush and luxurious than it’s predecessor. Most of the Chicago carpeting in shag style is made from synthetic or wool yarns. Put some newspaper or post it notes on your floor and shift it around to determine the size you want. Once you find the size, bring in your measurements so we at Mathew Klujian’s can make you the shag rug of your dreams.


Sisal carpet is made of real sisal, wool or synthetic yarns. The texture of the fabric that is used and the quality of the handcrafted nature of these rugs are what make them so popular in the interior design world of today. The exotic nature of these, all natural rugs is what is driving their popularity in the market. Because most Sisal rugs are created in Kenya, or Tanzania, where extracts from the agave plant are used to create the fine and long fibers that comprise the durability and high quality, and strength of the Sisal rug structure.

This type of Chicago carpeting is popular by virtue of it’s unique texture not found in other carpet yarns. Many consumers prefer a wool sisal rug for a number of reasons. The durability and the strength of the combined materials creates a strong, stain resistant and soft to the feet area rug that is both eco-friendly, warming to any home interior and very affordable to acquire. The materials can be woven together in thousands of varying patterns making a number of available intricate designs that will add to the feeling of any room in the house. And because they are made of a sturdy combination material, sisal wool area rugs really can last the test of time, and work magnificently in high traffic areas of the home.

Come to Mathew Klujian and Sons to find a good selection of Chicago sisal carpet. Bring in your measurements and we will be happy to give you a quote.


Berber carpeting is basically a loop carpet whose major benefit is that it is trackless and shows no footprint marks or vacuum marks. One of the questions we ask our customer’s at Mathew Klujian’s Chicago carpet store is if vacuum marks and footprints bother you. There are a lot of benefits for choosing Berber carpet. This is more durable than basically any other carpet on the market. Berber fiber is tightly weaved together which makes food and dirt particles essentially sit on the top of the carpet; the particles cannot embed themselves deep in the Berber carpet as it does in other carpet which makes vacuuming up messes on Berber carpet much easier.

Berber carpeting can be random loops or textured with high and low loops. Some berber’s simulate sisal looks while others are commonly used as commercial carpeting in offices, hallways and on stairs. Come into Mathew Klugian’s Chicago carpet store to see a wide variety of color and style. We have our own installers and use nothing but the best padding for your carpeting project.


Chicago carpet that is patterned consists of a combination of loops and cut pile to make a pattern in the carpet. Although the carpet is made in one color, a two tone color is observed as the loops or sides of the carpet reflect more light and are consequently lighter. The cut tips of the yarn absorb more light and appear darker, hence the two tone look in a one color carpet.

Pattern is an important consideration when choosing a carpet and there are many reasons to give it special attention. Practically speaking, it can hide a multitude of spills, spots and wear. Even a subtle pattern, created by varying textures for example, will help to conceal blemishes. Pattern adds detail to a room, whether it’s geometric, floral or a simple check. It also brings character and complexity to the overall design. Some patterns complement certain furniture styles. Geometric patterns, for example, are often used in the Art Deco style. A formal, traditional room will have carpeting with a classic, decorative pattern. Patterned carpet is also very common in multiple colors and yarn types in Chicago commercial carpets. All of the major carpet mills are represented. Come into our Chicago carpeting showroom and pick out a design suitable for your needs.


The number one selling carpeting in Chicago is a twisted saxony carpet. This is a cut pile carpet with the yarn tips sticking straight up but pointing in different directions. This creates a two toned look that helps to hide foot prints and vacuum lines. It has been heralded as trackless carpet, I would put the emphasis on “less” as it will still show some tracking and vacuum marks.

Saxony carpet is not to be confused with a shaved velvet cut pile which is very formal look. The yarns are shaved several times to give a smooth solid rich color appearance. A velvet will show every foot print and vacuum mark. If you need further information on this in Chicago carpet, contact Mathew Klujian and Sons.


Chicago carpeting Outdoors needs to be very durable to survive the weather extremes and winters. Chicago outdoor carpeting will be made of either woven polypropylene or woven vinyl. The woven vinyl can be installed around swimming pools, cement patios and porches as a permanent glued down installation.

Outdoor Carpets are designed for use on boats, decks, patios, porches, and any other outdoor area where you want something other than wood or concrete flooring. The yarn is specially treated to resist fading in direct sunlight, and the backing materials are formulated to resist damage from moisture. The woven polypropylene would be fashioned into a loose area rug. Stop by and see carpet samples of this Chicago carpet at Mathew Klujians and Sons.