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Chicago Kids Rugs, Nursery Rugs & Playroom Rugs

At Mathew Klujian and Sons, we pride ourselves on offering a great selection of quality rugs in Chicago. We sell rugs of all styles and sizes so that when you visit us, you’ll get what you need. In addition to our wide selection of oriental and modern rugs, we also have an extensive array of kids rugs from which to choose. Kids rugs are typically a printed piece and very colorful. Their brightness energizes a room and enlivens young sensibilities. These tend to be arts and crafts style or random patterns. Kids respond to the fun styles these playroom rugs offer. While all rugs are meant to be visually pleasing, many kids rugs have the added aim of engaging a child’s interest or imagination. Some are whimsical with sports effects or villages on them. In some cases, a rug isn’t just a floor covering but also a landscape on which a child’s imagination is free to run wild. Why not use all that floor space to spur your child’s sense of play and wonder.

Visit Mathew Klujian and Sons showroom to check out one of the largest selections of kids rugs, playroom rugs and nursery rugs in Chicago. Our inventory is second-to-none, with kids rugs of all different sizes, styles, patterns and colors. All of our rugs for sale are durable to withstand the wear and tear of children at play. Our business has been family-owned and operated for decades and our staff is here to help you find the perfect playroom rug for your family. Stop by today to get the kids rug of your dreams.