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Carpet Cleaning

Mathew Klujian & Sons offers professional high pressure steam extraction cleaning. Your carpets are a vital part of your home, reflecting your personal style and taste. As a foundation of your living space, it’s important to have clean carpets that are pleasing to the eye. The professional carpet cleaners at Mathew Klujian & Sons have over 75 years of experience cleaning carpets of all kinds. In fact, our Chicago carpet cleaners employ our very own process, which we pioneered, can be used to remove these deposits from wall to wall carpets, area rugs and upholstered furniture.

Soil which gives the carpet its dirty look is composed of sticky oils and greases containing tiny pieces of soil materials. Our carpet cleaning process is superior because it pulls soil and detergents out of the carpet or fabric, leaving no residue behind which may dull the appearance of your rug or furniture and – even worse – attract more dirt.

Our carpet cleaning professionals can handle everything from general upkeep to extreme spills and stains. We offer steam cleaning and hand cleaning for expert carpet stain removal. We also provide stain protecting and carpet deodorizing.

If you’ve got quality carpets in your home, you’ll want to keep them in great shape. Contact Mathew Klujian & Sons at 773.743.1300 to schedule an appointment for professional carpet cleaning in Chicago today!